I met Reinhold in 2002 and since then the minerals are with me. It started with favorite specimen positioned everywhere in our house: from bedroom to basement. Also, the collecting of the minerals and the labor that goes along with it, I vividly notice for years.

Over the years I got to know better one mineral after the other and deepened my knowledge. Also, our life is defined by the rhythm of the collecting of minerals: from the active time in spring to late autumn and from the quieter time in winter, in which one enjoys the "flowers beneath the earth" (as the Swiss call the minerals).

A special highlight was the find of the cleft of the greenschist (2003) and the breathtaking feeling of touching a considerable rock crystal and then also salvaging. Then, I also got hooked by collecting minerals! Working in the clefts of the mountains and collecting minerals have made a big impact on my partner, and this also brought me closer to the treasures of nature for which I am grateful.

Even though I got in contact with alpine minerals first, I am particularly fascinated by the colorful diversity of the international specimen.

Within this homepage we both can now follow our pleasure in  minerals.

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