170 Barite with Chalcopyrite


Bäuerin Mine (Shaft 33),  Schottenberg,  Frohnau,  Annaberg-Buchholz,  Annaberg District,  Erzgebirge,  Saxony,  Germany



Charming, high-gloss, longish bright-pink barite crystals with bright dentated, brush-like terminations. The barites are very glassy and show a good transparency. Its high gloss is extraordinary! The crystals are well terminated with an interesting multi-faced structure. It’s also important to mention, that small chalkopyrites are grown in the barite and also on the crystals. This effect creates darker color nuances. The surface of the barite piece is also characterized by its fine structure and its bright endings. This makes the piece look lively! Well crystalized floater-piece! The construction reminds of an old castle with its battlements! Well crystalized floater-piece!

Size: 9.5 x 7 x 4.8 cm

Price: 324 Euro

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