140 Fluorite



Twenger Au, Lungau, Salzburg, Austria



The fluorites come from a locality only 10 kilometers away from us and they have nothing to do with the fluorites from Weisseck. The name of the locality is Twenger Au. This kind of fluorite shows an intense green color, in view and in phantom/inspection. This fluorite cube represents a great rarity. Coming from a relatively unknown locality, never before was a fluorite found like this. This specimen is from a found, which produced only a fist full of well-developed single crystals, and only a few groups and matrix-specimen. Faces are etched and skeletonized with good luster. The color is amazing - a very intense green. Also the transparency is excellent and shows the same intense green color. First photo with daylight as backlit, second and third photo with lower LED light as backlit. Much better in person! As a special gift, the light green fluorite with facet cut is also included.


Size: 3.2 x 3.2 x 3 cm




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