137 Demantoid



Belqeys Mountain, near Takab, West Azerbaijan, Iran



Fantastic highly lustrous, emerald-colored demantoid garnets on matrix. Demantoid is the green gemstone variety of the mineral andradite, a member of the garnet group of minerals. This kind of andradite is very rare and therefore one of the most desirable gemstones. As mentioned above, is it characterized by its adamantine luster! The garnet crystals are perfectly positioned on the upper front part of the specimen. They sit like on a throne on the matrix. The eye-catching main crystal is up to 14 mm in size. This specimen features an excellent quality and unlike most demantoid-garnets which have a yellowish-green tint, these show nearly the color of a fine emerald – and that’s amazing. The crystal surfaces offer a very fine structure. The beautiful piece stands in the displayed position without support. The individual crystals sit exposed on a bright matrix, which makes this specimen a very beautiful and truly great sight!


Size: 6 x 4.8 x 2.2   cm




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