231 Fluorite



Göscheneralp, Uri, Switzerland



One big fluorite octahedra with intense color (up to 7 cm on the edge). Important information about the fluorite:

The color: not this light, warm pale pink – more intense saturation as we know from the locality. Also, the pink color tends to be a little bit more like lavender, a colder color tone.

The fluorite was partly covered with Chlorite. It was prepared with a shot blast nozzle (in the sense of sandblasting) to remove the Chlorite. As a result, the edges in this area are not so sharp.

The specimen stands in several positions without any support (photos). The fluorite is undamaged at the tops and edges. The faces are partially dissolved – this comes from the extreme weather conditions in this Alpine altitude. The specimen was found in September 2016. The size, color and composition are breathtaking!

Size: 8 x 7.8 x 7 cm



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