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WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(1)
WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(2)
WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(3)
WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(4)
WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(5)
WE 24-34, 43 x 21 x 19 cm(6)


WE 24-34, July, 2022


Knappenloch, Weisseck, Lungau, Salzburg, Austria


This extraordinary piece was the first piece that I recovered on the day I opened the new cavity with Lukas. The piece originally grew horizontally on the ground. The fluorites are crystallized around an edge on both sides. The original upper side shows fluorite dissolved by water with many ingrown barite crystals. The original lower side was protected from the influence of water and shows fluorite of the highest quality with an edge length of up to around 5 cm. The crystals have grown plastically - individual crystals particularly stand out. In transmitted light, the fluorites show an intense violet color.

Size: 43 x 21 x 19 cm

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