084 Titanite (Sphen)



Kristallwand, Innnergschlöß, East Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria


Highly lustrous cognac-colored titanite in rare size and quality: For alpine titanite the cognac-like color is by far less common than the well-known green titanite from Pinzgau. Titanite of poor quality and a size of up to 9 mm are usually found at the Kristallwand (‘crystal wall’). However, during a special discovery at more than 3000 meters above sea level crystals reaching a size of up to 2 cm were found in Paragneis. The quality and luster is excellent. The crystal shows a sharp termination with highly transparent und translucent color. A few specimens were also covered with small adularia and with minor calcite. Due to the high altitude the cleft was only accessable for a few weeks during summer.



The specimen shows countless of overgrown and exposed crystals of up to 1.4 cm in size. The titanites are overgrown with a second generation of smaller titanites. The specimen crystallized all over, except for the bottom. Hence, it looks great from many different angles. There are some small chips and one crystal is broken, which does not quite draw attention. The specimen stands in this position without any support.


Size: 5.5 x 4.3 x 3.3 cm

largest crystal 1.5 cm



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